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Artisan Jewellery Collection Launch

Posted on: August 13th, 2015

Artisan Jewellery Collection Launch Invite
Artisan Gallery has long been the gallery to go to if you are wanting to buy beautifully designed, handcrafted silver jewellery at reasonable prices. Times change and in order to survive one must change with it. Over the last few years markets have proliferated and the whole shopping experience with it. We are pleased that many of the jewellers are doing well at these markets, afterall,it is creating an awareness and increased market for beautifully handcrafted jewellery. We are hoping to develop this trend further. The gap between jewellery designed and made for markets and designer jewellery has steadily widened both in price and availability.

With this in mind Artisan Gallery is introducing the “Artisan Collection”.

Each of the designer jewellers who already supply Artisan has a distinctive personal style which makes their work unique. We have asked them to take this uniqueness one step further and make the special pieces they have been dreaming but don’t have a market for. These pieces would be an evolution of their range, a Gallery Collection.