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Artist Profile: Clyde Neumann

Clyde Neumann was first exposed to woodturning when he was 12 years of age. With an uncle’s encouragement he built his first lathe, which he used for about 5 years turning mainly boxes, tops and other small objects.
The fascination of seeing the wood being peeled away in ribbons as the article took shape never left him and in 1990 he purchased a lathe and started to pursue woodturning as a serious hobby.

Clyde has attended 7 national woodturning congresses (2 of which he was the convener) where he has been able to observe and learn from the best woodturners in South Africa and the overseas world.

After retiring 8 years ago Clyde was able to spend a lot more time honing his skills and experimenting with different woods and other media to create articles with more artistic appeal. He has enjoyed being able to explore an artistic side that he was not really aware of in producing three dimensional art forms. Clyde has also derived much pleasure by exposing younger people to the pleasures of woodturning and hopes that he has sewn the seed for a future generation of Wood artists to produce beautiful wooden objects.


Clyde Neumann Bowl Clyde Neumann Pen Clyde Neumann Bowl