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Artist Profile: Bianca Ladds

Bianca Ladds grew up in the Cape Winelands and is currently living on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal.

She has been making jewellery since the age of thirteen and is mostly self-taught, but completed and apprenticeship to learn the lost-wax process, which she uses to make all her silver pieces. The lost wax casting process is an ancient African technique whereby pieces are modelled in wax and moulded in sand. The sand/wax is then heated, the wax melts away and the resulting cavity is filled with the molten metal.

Both silver and pewter components are cast in this method and then finished off. Bianca combines the silver and pewter with various African-sourced beads. The metal beads she uses are from Kenya, called giriami beads which are made from old currency, and she combines these with glass and semi-precious stones. Her work reflects her love of nature and the ocean.

Bianca has exhibited at several exhibitions in the Cape and her work is stocked at Artisan Gallery.


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