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Artist Profile: Arnia van Vuuren

Arnia van Vuuren, who trained as a sociologist and works as an indexer, considers beads and beading a creative outlet that provides her with valuable playtime and an opportunity for meditation.

To her, the most outstanding characteristic of beads is the absolutely limitless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. The colours, shapes, finishes, sizes and textures mean everyone can find a unique way to express their creativity. You never need to do the same thing twice.

The way colours influence each other and, together with different finishes and shapes, influence the outcome of a design, is a constant source of surprise and joy for her.

The sociologist in Arnia also loves the way beads link us to our earliest ancestors and the fact that one can trace human history, economic links, technology, culture, religion and societal relationships through these tiny treasures. Beads have a story to tell and do so in a beautiful manner.

Therefore she creates unique pieces of jewellery that will speak to an individual buyer in a unique way. In this way the beads have then once again created a very special link between two humans.

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