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Artist Profile: Phumlani Nyawo

Phumlani Nyawo has been involved in ceramic art since 2006, but says he learnt a lot from his brothers when he was a youngster and still living at home in Pongola. “My brothers made the pottery and inspired me to get involved in art.”

Besides his brothers, Phumlani says other artists such as Clive Sithole have had a huge impact on him as an artist and he has learnt a lot from them.

Although the process involved in making the pots takes a long time in total, Phumlani enjoys the outcome and is happy to put the effort for the result he gets.

Although he works using time-honoured techniques, his forms are contemporary, dramatic yet timeless. His work is certainly an excellent investment for the future. The beautiful ceramics are ideally suited for placement on coffee tables, bookshelves or anywhere they can be seen at eye level for guests to admire.

Phumlani Nyawo’s ceramics can be found at the Artisan gallery.