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Artist Profile: Ann Marais

Ann Marais works with porcelain clay not for translucency but because it gives her a white ‘canvas’ upon which she can apply subtle colouring of slips, under glaze colours and glazes.

“I allow the marks, lumps, bumps and splits in the clay recorded during the making process to remain as a history of the manufacture of a figure and importantly, to show the unique plastic nature of clay that allows the integrity of the material and form to remain in spite of rough handling or precarious balance and disrupted surfaces. I often emphasize these characteristics with black stain against the white body. The mark making also helps to enliven the textural surfaces of a work,” says Anne.

Ann says that her work is figurative and focuses on the interior landscapes of the human physche, and these manifest in the figures through body posture, size, attitude and facial expressions.

Ann Marais

Ann Marais